• online trauma verwerken kan!
  • ongekend snel en effectief
  • met Nucleus Coaching
  • nieuwste generatie verwerking PTSS
  • mild, direct en duurzaam

F . A . Q .  (English)

Nucleus Methodology 
A new generation trauma treatment without medication, equipment of meditation.


How is 1 session enough for trauma?
 This Nucleus Methodology is a new generation for trauma treament, based on a 2 parts divided memorysystem. For that the interview uses special questions, focused on that divided system. It goes beyond Mindfulness, EFT or EMDR . There is no need  for excercise, meditation, medication, physical contact, homework, efforts or equipment.


Is it safe?
In spite of the most heavy themes the principles are already 15 years practised in its current form, with succes.  I treated more than 500 ckients and I educated more dan 50 therapists. The certified  Coaches did the practical test and a Nucleus Coach II is graduated. Most of them have other jobs, were they integrate Nucleus. For example, the FEEL and BEEP education is accredited by the Dutch midwive professional association (KNOV). It is not debriefing*.


Is it cloudy, occult, unscientific?
The treatment and explanation is logical, sober, simple, and mild. In practice extremely effective it works direct and durable. Based on the latest scientific insights like the prenatal psychology and the epigenetics; but also the 3000 jaar old, official recogmnized Chinese Meicine (TCM). It works and that is the main thing!  


Is it also suitable for online treatment?   

That was a serious question after lockdowns, but for you as a client it doesn't matter. For the Coach is it somewhat intenser

But for you it is easier because  of travel time and  personal limits and government measures. Online is possible, because ts only a special interview.


 How do you feel after the sessions, espially with heavy themes?       

In the sessions the trouble get not a great part of the attention. We hardly pay attentions to the negative feelings. As we find the core (=nucleus) , the change of mind begins and ended in a strong positive feeling, with calm, peaceful rest. Some trauma have a strong physical effect. It ends in a positive setting. In that case we ask to have to cooperate with a doctor or therapist, espacially when you use medication or in a treatment., disaster

*Debriefing: commonly used psychological assistance after accident, disaster etc. No longer advised!


More qustions?

We can imagine. Look for the downloads and English page on the  Portal . You also can dial , mailen  or Whatsapp..

For more questions you can download here. More information   about my (dutch) practice you find hier.



The online sessions are  E 90,- ex vat and are mostly not reimbursed by health insurer.

But your employer, funds will pay t for you.




Your first contact  by this site is with Nucleus College Nederland. This company possibly refer to a suitable coach for you.

The Portal offers you mainy still in Dutch information and references (www.nucleuscollege.nl)


General Method

1. You dial, mail or Whatsapp  and you get additional information you ask.

2. You get your Intake form digit via mail. How complet you fill in, takes less time. Costs/traject will be agreed.

3. We make an appointment via WhatsApp rf mobile for a Zoom meeting.

4. We discuss short your Intake form and we start after short explanation with the session (about 75 min.)

5. After we  make a possible next appointment. You get your invoice digital.


We appreciate, as an after care,  your feedback  about the session.

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