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How it works

 Not the nicest list, but there is more to heal, also the far-reaching consequences n van trauma. Do you look forward to visit psychological trajectories. Do you prefer not to handle, but resolve the impact of trauma? We agree. (See also here)

What is a trauma?
Traumas are not only a bad event They have a deep impact in your daily life and disrupt you mentally, emotionally, , physically and in relations.  These symptoms  also named PTSD. If you get this diagnosis, there is also good news!


In this case you need a long, heavy traject. With an as possible as short-term traject ( sometimes only one session)  you can experience a thorough recovery. A light, mild short-term traject is also possible  with chronic trauma.


Wich Coach?

We  have in our Coach file persons with a speciality  in trauma, like birthworkers, physical complaints or connected with their other  professions as psychologist, systemtherapy. Some are all-round.  On this and home page is showed, what kind of speciality is most appropriate for your question.

Emphatically this site is suitable for trauma treatment online. When you prefer some foreignspeakers and religion we have some choice for you.


Special trauma- online is suitable for acute situations, where there is no occasion, time for Intake.  Chidbirth trauma can be healed during maternity bed. That can be one-time or short-term traject.  Take attention it is not acute medical care


General traject

You sign up for an appointment with Zoom meeting. A session can take 1-1,5 hour.
 Except the intake there is no medical exanination. Depending on the type of trauma is an average route about 3-5 sessions. For businessess we have adapted routes.


We are alert you close your session in a good mood and most time that no problem. In contrary. You finished quiet, relexed.  Each sesion is rounded whole. A traject varies from 2x/week to  1x/2-3 weeks, so as required.


Combination session
It's possible about birth of your child to ask for a a joint session. You can also make a deal with another therapy for an additional  treatment, what depends on the other activity of the Coach.  I have a combination of auriculo with anto-smoking program (see here).


 Direct contact  kan hieronder, misschien om wat te vragen. Met direct ben je verbonden met Nucleus College Nederland, die centraal ontvangt en doorverwijst. Wil je nog wat meer lezen, klik op de afbeeldingen rechts om op de Nucleus Praktijk te komen. Daar kun je meer informatie en wellicht aanvullende behandeling aanvragen, bijv. ooracupunctuur of adviezen.