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Real traumas have a great impact in your life. It disordered your whole life. Insomnia, flashbacks, short tempered, serious physical complaints, panic attacks, depression, relation troubles etc.


 To handle seems the only solution. But most therapies requires a lot in time, money, efforts. Imaginable you are  quite anxious about a visit to a psychologist, a treatment trajectory. But that is not necessary at all!  This absolute new generation trauma-treatment is in its simplicity and power incredible but unknown. 


If you want inner peace, better feelings, more energy and more self confidence, relief of complaints?

That is possible for you or your loved ones !

Nucleus Methodology is not a miracle cure, but still it's safe and responsible. The method is more than 20 years tried and proved safe. That's why Nucleus is a best first option.


How it works

Click on the picture that applicable is to your type of trauma, you or your loved ones suffers. 

Experience the simplicity and relief. As a bonus you get insight in your own conduct, preferences, tendencies and so on.



Direct heal from trauma effects with Nucleus.

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 Attention!! This NOT a central reporting point for acute Medical care!


Pregnancy trauma

Specific trauma's during pregnancy whether or not with fatal outcome like abortion, domestic violence or accidents, bad news, divorce, VTS and other miscarriages, IVF,  unplanned pregnancy.

Effects; no pink cloud but PPD, grieve and infertility, relational problems, physical complaints.


BEEP Coach


See also 20 guidelines


War trauma 

Almost all kinds of trauma as threat, torture, murder, devastation, captivity, kidnapping, poverty, betrayal, all kinds of loss


Here also soldiers  with PTTD, shellshock and personality disorders, relational tensions, nightmares, insomnia,flasbacks of trauma, guilt.


Nucleus Coach II


Unintentionally accidents in traffic, sport, amusement, home, on the workplace, with physical damage, poisonings

Effects like whiplash, faillure, unemployment, phantom pain, feeling of guilt and powerless, depression.


Trauma Coach



Medical Trauma

Operations, also failed ones, surgical and medical mistakes, alternative treatments, IC-situations.

Physical problems, (chronic) pain, depression , damage, fantoms


Trauma/EHBB Coach


Trauma of lost in death. Other cases of lost, see other catagories, like trauma of miscarriage, accident.

Sadness that won't go away, loneliness, depression, restlessness.


Nucleus Grief Coach and BEEP Coach

Work related Trauma

Meaning high risk professions, witnessing trauma like firemen, police, vice squad and emergency responce officer,  First Aid workers, threaten of  caregivers and authorities.

Nucleus Coach II , Trauma Coach


Ttrauma of Childbirth

 For problems with setbacks in birth plans to  emergemcy  with cesarean section, PPD.

Relational tensions and parenting prblems, crying baby, personality disorders


EHBB Coach


Natural and human disasters like enviromental-, shipping-, train-, dike-, dam disasters. Or witnessing this disasters  Caristeristic are the scope of the disater and trauma of the group.

PTSD and Physical damage,  changes in personality, anxious, isolation



Trauma Coach

Criminal violence. Victime or Witnessing of violence, injustice.

Threath, attacks, burglary, injury, financial  debacle, injustice  with great impact,, sexual offense, deceit.

Also witnessing or involvement of these events can be traumatic.


Charastics are anxious, hyperalert, suspicious, worry, lack a basic sense of security, stress sensitive, sexual and relatioship problems, flahbacks, Stockholm-syndrome and dissociation, depression.

Also aid workers can have these experiences


Trauma Coach


Domestic violence and relation tensions Trauma

 All kinds of abuse, both occasional and chronic, consequenses of addiction, divorce, reasons to  violence  and relation tensions.

 From stress to dissociation, promiscue behaviour, exploitation, sexual problems and fear, loneliness, repeating patterns, transgenerational problems.


Nucleus Coach II